---Parker Jones---

Aerospace Engineer at Raytheon

Working in Missile Systems

---Charlie Black---

Aerospace Masters Student at Purdue University

Researching Aerospace Propulsion

---Davis Adams---

Aerospace Masters Student at Texas A&M University

Researching spacecraft dynamics and controls

---Nick Dorsi---

Aerospace Engineer at Northrop Grumman

---Jackson Williams---

Mechanical Engineer at GE Aviation

Advanced Military Engineering Division

---Matthew Chicky---

Aerospace Graduate student at Georgia Tech

---Alec Yenawine---

Aerospace Grad student at University of Miami

---Tyler Yearwood---

Aerospace Engineer at Northrop Grumman

Working in radar systems

---Cameron Johnstone---

Aerospace Graduate Student at Georgia Tech

---Graham Jackson---

Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin

---Charles Dove---

PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering

University of California, Berkeley

---Christian Chapman---

Associate Logistics Engineer at Northrup Grumman

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