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We are entering in our 3rd Spaceport America Cup and this year we are taking a giant step forward and competing in the 30,000ft COTS category.  We will be taking a commercial solid rocket motor and using it to propel us as high as an airliner.  

The rocket will use our student made carbon fiber body tubes as well as custom made electronics and student machined internals.  We will have 3 GoPro cameras recording inside of a tuned mass damper to film the ride in June of 2019


Working with NASA and the Colorado Space Grant Consortium, we are designing a soft body robotics experiment that will fly into space on a Terrier-Malamute rocket.  This will help enhance our payload and avionics skills as well as provide valuable data for soft body robotics research on Clemson's campus.  We are aiming to launch from Wallops Island in the summer of 2019 and test the experiment at an altitude of over 100km.


We will be sending 5 students to NASA's Rock-On workshop where our members will create payloads from kits and launch them on a NASA rocket.